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I'm still rather new with the automation stuff, so this might sound like a stupid question. I did google search the hell out of it, before posting a question though :)

Anyways, here is the problem

I am automating tests on an Android device One of the tests is to verify that an item has been marked as 'Favorite' Code snippet of page is:

<li class = "resultItem isFavorite" data-index="2">
<div class="name" data-cis="4ced6feb-3b5c-415a-ae1c-0b8bca8e3c85" onclick="return true">f,f</div>

I can find the element in the list with el = @driver.find_element(:xpath, "//*[class='name' and text() ='f,f']"). I was hoping that el.class would show me resultItem isFavorite. Instead what i get is: Selenium:WebDriver::Element

If an item is not marked as favorite, the isFavorite flag isn't added in the field. I was hoping to use isFavorite to verify that an item is marked as favorite, but I can't seem to get it into a variable.

Any help would be appreciated.



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What you really want here is something like the following:

# Note: Possibly incorrect Ruby code here. 
# Written from memory.
el = @driver.find_element(:xpath, "/your/xpath/here")
# Could also your el["class"]
element_class_attribute = el.attribute("class")

Ordinarily, using most attribute names like src (as in el.src) would give you a runtime error. However, it happens that class has a special meaning in Ruby, and every object has a class attribute, which is the Ruby class.

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Hi Jim, I tried get_attribute and variations of it. But it kept coming up with 'undefined method'. I'll keep looking to see what the ruby get_attribute equivalent is. I did find another way around this problem though. –  Jeff Sanders Jan 14 '13 at 19:45
The actual ruby method you want is .attribute(). I've corrected the sample code in my answer to reflect this. Remember, you can always find the API documentation for Ruby at this link –  JimEvans Jan 14 '13 at 19:49
Thanks Jim, that looks like it works. –  Jeff Sanders Jan 14 '13 at 20:39

I was able to resolve this by going at it another way:

element = @driver.find_elements(:class, "isFavorite")
element.each do |t|
   if t.text() == 'f,f' then
       result = "pass"

I have a feeling this might be really slow, if there is a long list...but at least it works :)



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