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I found this question that shows properties on a custom user control (ascx) can be assigned inline as an HTML attribute: ASP.NET: custom attribute in a UserControl (ascx)?

This works great but what about if I register a custom user control on my page and want to set/get attributes from that control in my code behind?


<%-- I can assign ActivePage inline and this works fine --%>
<wd:NavBar ID="MyNavBar" runat="server" ActivePage="navbarItem1" />


        // I need to change the ActivePage 
        if (what == "internal")
            MyNavBar.ActivePage = "navbarItem1";
        else if (what == "external")
            MyNavBar.ActivePage = "navbarItem2";

That's what I want to do but it doesn't work. Is this possible?

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Do'h! This actually works. I guess Visual Studio wasn't auto generating controls. Simply adding protected NavBar MyNavBar; to the top of my Page solved the problem. I hope someone else finds this useful.

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