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I have an existing application in which I'd like the ability to have my own FSI session. Although rather than a standard FSI session, I'd like the ability to pre-populate the FSI session with data from my application.

So for example. Within my app, an existing process happens. Data is created, and I launch the FSI session. The FSI session, will be pre-loaded with the data that has already been computed.

Is something like this possible?

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One ugly way would be to output a script that was then read in to fsi using the command line –  John Palmer Jan 12 '13 at 2:12

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The most correct answer for today is to use F# Compiler Services. Interactive Service allow to embed F# interactive in your application.

Other option:

  1. You can to format data as a valid F# code and execute it into FSI, or to serialize data as a string and deserialize using F#. In this case, the article "Using FSI to execute F# code from a .NET app" by Mathias Brandewinder may be useful for you.
  2. Prepare an API that provide an access to your data. For example, based on the MemoryMappedFile that become available starting from .NET 4.0. Immediately after start of FSI session to add reference to your assembly (using FSI directive #r) and get data through custom API.
  3. Use WCF to communicate between two processes. See answer from Phillip Trelford.
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When FSI starts wouldn't it be another application instance. In this case how would the singleton be able to be shared? –  Dave Jan 13 '13 at 20:15
For example we can use MemoryMappedFile for creating shared memory for interprocess communication –  Sergey Tihon Jan 15 '13 at 20:16

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