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I've got a site-local tinyurl I'm trying to make, so I need to show the full path of a URL that doesn't correspond to a controller action, and this doesn't work:

url_for("tiny/#{identifier}", :only_path => false)

because the url_for that takes a string doesn't then take any parameters.

How can I accomplish this?

Edit as per comment:


get 'tiny/:id' => "original_controller#show", :constraints => {:id => /\d+/}
get 'tiny/:name' => "original_controller#by_name"


GET    /tiny/:id(.:format)                        original_controller#show {:id=>/\d+/}
GET    /tiny/:name(.:format)                      original_controller#by_name
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What do your routes for 'tiny' look like? Can you do rake routes and show us the relevant entries? –  Joshua Rieken Jan 12 '13 at 2:46
Added, but AFAIK, the issue is with the helper and the routes are just fine. –  Narfanator Jan 17 '13 at 4:58

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