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A scalacheck jar was accidentally included in the standard distribution of Scala 2.9.2, in the lib directory, along with the standard scala runtime classes (e.g. scala-library.jar). This was discovered, and fixed for subsequent Scala distributions.

I'd like to run the scala 2.9.2 interpreter and use a different version of scalacheck, but I can't get it to ignore the version in lib.

I tried:

$ LOAD_SCALACHECK='import org.scalacheck.Gen; println(Gen.choose(0, 1).sample.get)'
$ scala -e "$LOAD_SCALACHECK"
$ scala -nobootcp -e "$LOAD_SCALACHECK"
$ scala -Dscala.usejavacp=false -e "$LOAD_SCALACHECK"
$ scala -Dscala.usejavacp=false -nobootcp -e "$LOAD_SCALACHECK"

All of these still used the scalacheck.jar. Is there any way, aside from deleting the jar from lib, to run the interpreter excluding a jar from lib on the classpath?

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You could always just excise the interloper, at least for a non-SBT-managed Scala... If you did that in a an SBT-managed Scala I'm pretty sure SBT would just put it back.

In the SBT case, you might try revoking all permissions to read that JAR. I don't know what the classloader would do in that case, but one hopes it's robust enough to skip over it and keep looking through the class-path...

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