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I was wondering if someone could share some thoughts about how best to implement an in app loading screen.

I am building a mobile app using Starling and Feathers UI for iOS and Android and some times when a menu item is clicked to go to a new page it takes a few seconds due to the components that are on the stage on the called page. I would like to display a generic 'loading...please wait' screen which will have a message and a loading spinner which will be shown every time a new page is requested.


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This is how it's actually done, while you're directing your user to the frame, you make the loader MovieClip visible, the loader movie clip is a simple animation, like this: loader

  1. Make a movieclip and in instance name name it loader, and animate it like above
  2. At the top of your code, say loader.visible = false;
  3. In your code, after gotoAndStop/gotoAndPlay or whatever, say loader.visible = true; There is no real way of displaying this, usually it's just a fake animation that displays while the data is being processed.
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Thanks, thats the method I thought I would have to take so thanks for clarifying. – puks1978 Jan 13 '13 at 1:10

Its called a splash screen, it can be a simple jpeg. Adobe help here

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Oh, its maybe flex only. sorry. – csomakk Jan 12 '13 at 11:19

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