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I have my HTML structure as follows:

<div id="id1">
   <h1>my name </h1><h3><a href="mailto:myemail_id">myemailid@xyz.com</a></h3>

The code automatically brings the <h3> on the next line. However, I want it next to <h1> without any line-change.


    width: 900px;
    padding: 30px; 
    background: #FFF;

#id1 h3{

How can I modify to achieve my desired result?

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You could use more semantic markup or simply modify the elements with CSS:

#id1 h1, #id1 h3 { display: inline; }
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It works! Thanks. –  con_28 Jan 12 '13 at 2:12
@xan Great! Feel free to mark answer as accepted. Happy coding. –  Kevin Boucher Jan 12 '13 at 2:25
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HTML headings behaviours with display: block by default. So they won't share same line with any other relative element.

Set their display to inline-block, and they will render one after the other, just as you expect.

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