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[Update: 8 hours after this question was posted, the author of JSON bundle was notified of the issue and he fixed it.]

I have the following JSON data in a file application.json, shown at the end of this post, and I have used TextMate with the JSON bundle, Emacs, BBEdit, and Sublime Text 2 to properly indent it, but all seemed like they couldn't.

Both TextMate and Sublime Text 2 insisted that the first { should not be indented, and the first major issue was for the closing brace for "child": {. Both TextMate and Sublime Text 2 refused to align the } under the left side of "child": {. Emacs kept on indenting further and further for each line, and BBEdit didn't seem to have an re-indent function at all (could this be?).

Is there a way to properly indent the file, or are TextMate and Sublime Text 2 both doing the right thing for the JSON data?

    "settings": [ "master" ],
    "appPort": "8666",
    "specs": {
        "frame" : {
            "type" : "HTMLFrameMojit",

            "config": {
                "deploy": true,
                "child": {
                    "type" : "HelloWorldMojit"
                    "assets": {
                        "top": {
                            "css": [
            "settings": [ "environment:development" ],
            "staticHandling": {
                "forceUpdate": true
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I just corrected this issue in the bundle, for 2.0 users the bundle should update within 24 hours with the correction.

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According to http://jsonprettyprint.com/ Textmate and Sublime aren't doing the right thing.

What version of Emacs did you use?

With 24.2.1, your JSON blob indented perfectly without issues in js-mode (Emac's default javascript major-mode).

If you do any significant Javascript development I recommend checkint out js2-mode https://github.com/mooz/js2-mode, which turns Emacs into a great JS IDE.

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I tried the newest Emacs on Fedora (Emacs 24.1.1) and it worked perfectly, so the question is, how can Emacs on the Mac be upgraded? (update: my Emacs is 22.1.1 on OS X Lion, and following the instruction for js2-mode on GitHub, it won't add the js2-mode to Emcas) –  動靜能量 Jan 12 '13 at 3:59
The easiest way is to download the installer here: emacsformacosx.com –  event_jr Jan 12 '13 at 4:26
Same according to jsonprettyprint.net –  Javaaaa Nov 11 '14 at 22:03

I found a solution for BBEdit that is easy and works well.

Put the following script in ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Text FiltersFormatJSON.sh

python -m json.tool
  1. Open a JSON file in BBEdit. There is no need to restart BBEdit because BBEdit rocks!
  2. Select Text > Apply Text Filter > FormatJSON

I tested this with a JSON file that had 3,612,683 characters on a single line. BBEdit opened this file and reformatted without showing a SPOD.

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There should be another / between Text Filters and FormatJSON. –  Bill Mar 24 '14 at 2:29
AppCode has built in support for JSON and should reformat it, but I haven't tried it, and it is not inexpensive. –  Mark Mar 24 '14 at 11:18

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