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Please when i choose "Release" in configuration manager and try to open my program exe and work in it , A message box with "myprogram has stopped working .." , This happens just when release mode is choosen but debug mode, the program runs fine and no problems !

my program contains datasets and connections and more , all are about working with database access

Note: that message box dosen't appear when start my program , it appears after start and when open and close a certain forms

i cant put my code , it is very big about 1000 lines but i'am using this simple code to show a certain form :

 Dim o As New commandsSearch

i think it is a memory problem , maybe?

please give me your solutions :)


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Sometimes this can happen when you make initialization calls (using new) in declarations. If there is an error during initialization, the messages can be generic at best. Try temporarily commenting out classes, etc., that are created before the initial form has been loaded, a few at a time, until you narrow it down (or eliminate it as a possibility).

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