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I have a JFrame form called StaffListMain which has the following code in one of the button click events:

private void btnManageLeaveActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
    // Open the new form and pass the selected staff member
    ManageLeave manageLeaveForm = new ManageLeave(staff.getStaffAt(lstStaff.getSelectedIndex()));

The StaffListMain class also has a method call writeToFile(), one that I would like to use within other classes such as the one in the code snippet above (ManageLeaveForm).

Because of this, I need a way to call the methods of another form. Is this possible, or will I have to separate writeToFile() into another class and then use it in each individual class as I need it?

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You're using NetBeans? Please stop talking NetBeans and start talking Java (E.G. 'form' -> 'frame' or JFrame). – Andrew Thompson Jan 12 '13 at 5:14

You could pass a reference to the current instance into the ManageLeave instance by giving its constructor a StaffListMain field and passing this into that field. Then you can call methods on the calling StaffListMain object from within the ManageLeave object if desired.

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