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apology for this newbie question.

I have created an html page (dash.html) that uses the same header as the other pages. it calls this PHP function <?php include 'header.php'; ?>

the dash.html contains a special <div> made specially for that page; and it must be placed inside the header.php

im trying to figure out how to enable/disable a certain div on a certain html page.

will it require a PHP conditional statement?

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Yes. The easiest way is to include a conditional line in the header, and pass the checked variable from each page that calls header. So, in your dash.php (it can't be a .html if it calls php, can it?):

    $includediv = true; // set to false, or leave out, if you don't want the div

and in the header.php:

...some other code...
    ...code to include div...

This will continue to work as before for all other pages that call header.php.

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lovely! thanks for this. i just added echo '<div id="test"> hello</div>'; after the conditional statement and it worked! :) – bobbyjones Jan 12 '13 at 5:57

You are trying to show the div only if header.php is present, right?

So, just set a variable inside header.php and use a conditional inside the HTML page.

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Try this code

<div>your div for dash.php page</div>
<?php } ?>
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