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I'd like to implement two full-screen modes on my OS X app, I've hooked up the window to use the Lion Fullscreen window API, but I also want to allow users to get a fullscreen experience on one monitor, without losing screens in a multi-screen setup.

Is this simply a case of hiding the titlebar and sizing to the active display dimensions manually, or is there a api/library I can use (eg. that has a nice animated transitions)

Thank you.

Please excuse me if this a duplicate, I could only find references to Lion's fullscreen.

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There is one other possibility for making an application "Full Screen", Kiosk Mode. It disables the status bar, the dock, and if necessary, the option to quit or minimize the window. Present a window in kiosk mode, then call -setFrame:display:animate: and voila! A fullscreen application without the fullscreen API.

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