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I am new on Windows Azure. I have a free trial account of Windows Azure. I have created a web application in and have published it on Windows Azure. The URL looks like it below.

It is possible to give custom domain name of Windows Azure hosted site with free trial account? OR How to give custom domain name of Windows Azure hosted site with free trial account?

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Custom domains are do supported by Windows Azure Websites. However, you have to have your website in at least Shared or Reserved website mode. Free mode does not allow to have custom domains. I think the same applies to free trial account as Shared and Reserved website mode are not free of charge.

Windows Azure Mode

If you have your website in one of the mentioned modes, you configure your custom domains in Configure tab, domain names section. As mentioned above, in Free mode that section will be disabled.

Windows Azure Custom Domains

Please bear in mind that you will have to configure your DNS first, before adding custom mode to Azure configuration. When you add new domain name to Azure, DNS servers are checked to find out if the domain name points to Azure. If that condition is not met, you will get an error message and Azure will not accept that domain name.

I hope that will help.

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Take a look at this: Please note that at this time the option to map a custom domain name to an azure website is only available when the website is running under shared or reserved mode.

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