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I'm trying to set an Array only if it doesn't exist but I cannot figure out how to do it since I get an error saying it doesn't exist:

if (null == arr) { // arr cannot be resolved to a variable
    arr = new ArrayList<task>();

Isn't there something such as isset() from php? Also what does <> hold?

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where do you declared variable? – Ayaz Ali Khatri Jan 12 '13 at 6:22
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No, you can not. Java is the language with strong static typing. There isn't any isset like in JS.

The only way is to declare your variable arr before and assign null value to it.

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List<Task> arr=null;
if (null == arr) { // arr cannot be resolved to a variable
     arr = new ArrayList<task>();

it wiill work fine

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In this case, since you're initializing arr as an ArrayList type, I will assume you have already declared the type of arr as ArrayList<task> or List<Task>.

If arr has not been initialized, it will produce an error if you attempt to compare it. Thus, you must initialize arr to null:

List<task> arr = null;

This way, when you run your code, you can simply use the expression:

if(arr == null)
    arr = new ArrayList<task>();
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