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I am using Grails as server and ExtJS as client. Now I need to update a date field of domain with specific date value from JSON. But when I want to update with specific date the error is like this

Cannot cast object 'dd MM, yyyy' with class 'java.lang.String' to class 'java.util.Date'

Now how can I update the specific date from JSON into database? Here is my server update action:

def update(json) {
    def count = 0
    def flag = true
    def installments = []
    def pdate = json.payDate
    def payDate = pdate.format("dd MM, yyyy")
    def newCashPay = Double.parseDouble("${json.cashPay}")
    def newReturnAmount = Double.parseDouble("${json.returnAmount}")
    if(json instanceof JSONObject){            
        def c = Installment.get(Integer.parseInt("${json.id}"))
            c.activeFlag = true
            c.cashPay = newCashPay
            c.returnAmount = newReturnAmount
            c.payDate = payDate
                c.errors.each {
                    println it

        def installment = [id:c.id, accNo:c.accNo, memberNo:c.memberNo, branchId:c.branchId, installmentNo:c.installmentNo, weekStart:c.weekStart, weekEnd:c.weekEnd, payDate:c.payDate, payAmount:c.payAmount, lateFee:c.lateFee, cashPay:c.cashPay, returnAmount:c.returnAmount, activeFlag:c.activeFlag]
        installments << installment
        flag = flag && true
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Instead of

def payDate = pdate.format("dd MM, yyyy")

Don't you mean

def payDate = Date.parse( "dd MM, yyyy", pdate )
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yes this is the solution. thanks a lot – Sumon Bappi Jan 12 '13 at 8:07

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