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We've decided to use CakePHP for a login system and frontend database UI because of all the automagic when adhering to its strict conventions, I know Codeigniter and with CI you can extend the system controller in system/core/Controller.php to handle authentication

class AdminController extends CI_Controller {

    protected $user;

    public function __construct() {



        $this->user = $this->AdminModel->user()->row();
        $data->user = $this->user;

Then by extending it as an application controller, $user becomes available globally and the AdminController already extends CI_Controller.

class Admin extends AdminController {

    public function __construct() {



    function index(){

        //$user is global since it's extending AdminController

        $this->data['user'] = $user->someItem;

        //load view etc..


I'm not sure if this is the correct approach with CakePHP, is there a general consensus/best practice for scallable login systems that impliment automagic?

Thanks in advance

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Have you considered Symfony? In particular, I'm thinking about Sonata and Packagist via composer is pretty nifty. Not that CakePHP isn't nifty too... – Jared Farrish Jan 12 '13 at 7:26

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You can just use AuthComponent::user() where ever you need the details, or AuthComponent::user('id') where you need a specific field.

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Thanks, can I define AuthComponent::user() from an extended controller of AppController? I'd like to extend MyController instead of AppController in specific areas of the application. – dcd018 Jan 12 '13 at 7:32
You should check the docs for auth as it is very easy to extend. – dogmatic69 Jan 12 '13 at 8:01

Yes you can do this. For example this will work:

 class AppController extends Controller
     class CustomAppController extends AppController
         class BikesController extends CustomAppController

Actually that is the implementation of plugins, you should take a look here:

The same things happens in plugins, every plugin has a custom PluginNameAppController of which all plugin controllers will extend.

It might be interesting to take a look on plugins anyway because of the clear separation of features in your project.

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