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all of a sudden gwt components have stopped rendering after our yesterdays' deployment to google app engine for java.

we have tried many times. and on looking into firebug i see

Error: Permission denied to access property 'document' Line 2860

i am not sure why this is happening. can some one please advise

The allowed static file is

        <include path="/**.xml" expiration="30d 1h" />
        <include path="/**.txt" expiration="30d 1h" />
        <include path="/**.html" expiration="30d 1h" />
        <include path="/favicon.ico" expiration="30d 1h"/>
        <include path="/**.ico" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.js" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.css" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.gif" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.JPG" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.jpg" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.jpeg" expiration="30d 1h" />
    <include path="/**.png" expiration="30d 1h" />
     <include path="/**.htc" expiration="30d 1h" />
     <include path="*.nocache." expiration="0s" />
     <include path="*.cache." expiration="365d" />
     <exclude path="**.gwt.rpc" />
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The .cache.js is loaded cross-origin (from to That ps in the URL probably stands for Page Speed, which rewrites links to static assets.

I don't know how it works on GAE/J but either disbale Page Speed (if possible), or recompile your app using the xsiframe linker (in your gwt.xml):

<add-linker name="xsiframe" />

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i do not see gwt.xml at all in my application. where it should be? –  Vik Jan 12 '13 at 20:20
ok i think by adding to gwt.xml u meant <module>.gwt.xml i did that and now on tyring to compile i get Loading inherited module 'vik.sakshum.sakshumweb.AdminModule' [ERROR] Invalid linker name 'xsiframe' [ERROR] Line 4: Unexpected exception while processing element 'add-linker' –  Vik Jan 12 '13 at 20:33
Which version of GWT are you using?! Maybe try <add-linker name="xs" /> –  Thomas Broyer Jan 13 '13 at 10:26
same error. i am using gwt 2.5.0 –  Vik Jan 14 '13 at 4:37
Make sure you put that line after the <inherits/> lines. The linkers are all defined in which must therefore be inherited before you can <add-linker/> –  Thomas Broyer Jan 14 '13 at 9:17

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