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I'm calling a javascript file with phantomjs (1.6) from a php script to render a screen image jpg. The page changes dynamically by the user with javascript, so I can't just load the page from the server. Currently I'm loading the page by first creating a temp html page (with fopen and fwrite) then opening with phantomjs, then rendering, but I would like to skip this step, and just load the page with the page html that I already have using page.content. Can't figure out why this isn't working:

javascript (that loads with the html page):

pageclone = $("html").clone();
$(pageclone).find(".sea").each(function() {               
sourcevalue = $(this).attr("staticsource");              
$(this).attr("src", sourcevalue);              
pageclone = "<!doctype html><html>" + $(pageclone).html() + "</html>";


$phantomjs = 'phantomjs';  
$script = 'thumbnail.js';
$thumbdir = "userfolders/". $username . "/thumbs";
$outfile = $thumbdir . '/thumb_' . uniqid("", true) . '.jpg';
$contents = $_POST["pageclone"];
$command = "$phantomjs $script $contents $outfile 2>&1";   


var page = require('webpage').create(), address, output;
if (phantom.args.length < 2 || phantom.args.length > 3) {  
console.log('need 3 args');  
} else {  
address = phantom.args[0];  
output = phantom.args[1];         
page.clipRect = { top: 170, left: 100, width: 800, height: 550 };  
page.content = address;
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Does your jQuery code "find(".sea").each(function() { sourcevalue = $(this).attr("staticsource"); $(this).attr("src", sourcevalue); });" works in browser console? Not every site supports it and sometime its better to use pure JS getElementsByClassName('sea') etc. –  khaljava Aug 20 '13 at 10:40
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