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The rss:feed-splitter component of Mule returns only a single item even if the feed has more than one items if the pubDate for all the items is same.

Is there any way to get all the items in such a case?

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Could you share a small sample RSS feed that allows reproducing the problem? –  David Dossot Jan 14 '13 at 22:07
@david-dossot Feed would look something like this: <rss version="2.0" ...> <channel ...> <description>Description</description> .... <item> <guid>localhost:8088/1</guid> <pubDate>2013-01-17T10:09:36.057+05:30</pubDate> <title>Title 1</title> </item> <item> <guid>localhost:8088/2</guid> <pubDate>2013-01-17T10:09:36.057+05:30</pubDate> <title>Title 2</title> </item> </channel> </rss> Here both items have same <pubDate>, so FeedSplitter would return only 1 item instead of 2. –  Pranav Pal Jan 17 '13 at 4:46

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The issue you're facing is due to the fact that the FeedSplitter by default relies on the EntryLastUpdatedFilter to accept or reject feed entries. This filter is based on update time so any entry with the same time of another entry that has already been processed will be rejected.

I haven't found any clean way to configure the <rss:feed-splitter> element to accept all RSS entries so I had to instantiate it as a custom filter to be able to configure it, as shown below:

<custom-splitter class="org.mule.module.rss.routing.FeedSplitter">
    <spring:property name="entryFilter">
        <spring:bean class="org.mule.routing.filters.AcceptAllFilter" />

This lets all RSS entries go through the splitting process.

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According to the rss module documentation the rss:feed-splitter

Will split the entries of a feed into single entry objects. Each entry will be a separate message in Mule.

so what you are experiencing is the expected behavior.

What you can do is to code a custom aggregator that aggregates based on the pubDate so that the message propagated to the next message processor will be a mule message collection containing all the messages with the same pubDate

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As the documentation says, I should receive each entry as a separate message, and I do get that behavior if <pubDate> for the feed items are different, but if <pubDate> is same for all items, the splitter returns only one item as a Mule message. –  Pranav Pal Jan 14 '13 at 17:13

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