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I have converted a c# program to vb.net with a tool The program works fine in c#

in vb I get this error

Public member 'get_SymbolList' on type 'ConnectionControlClass' not found."}

at this line

oList = axTradeIdeasWindowX1.Connection.get_SymbolList(CType(i,Integer))


This line works fine

oList = axTradeIdeasWindowX1.Connection.get_SymbolList(CType(i,Integer))

any ideas what the problem could be. I have checked each and every line in the program list walked through the Objects could not find get_SymbolList only found SymbolList wonder if get_ is a C# construct and if there is a vb.net equivalent

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..without seeing the Connection class it is impossible to say.. however it's probably because the converter has changed a property to a method. –  Simon Whitehead Jan 12 '13 at 10:51

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Clearly axTradeIdeasWindowX1 is an ActiveX object. The C# code had to use the get_ prefix on the SymbolList property because the C# language doesn't support indexed properties. This is not a problem in COM nor in VB.NET. Accordingly, the VB.NET compiler didn't turn the property in a method when it imported the interop library, like the C# compiler did. There is no get_SymbolList() method anymore, only a SymbolList property. You can see this by looking at the interop library with Object Browser.

So simply fix your problem by omitting the get_ prefix.

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Thank you, that did the trick –  user1905155 Jan 12 '13 at 15:31
@user1905155: if it answers your question, please consider accepting. –  Neolisk Jan 12 '13 at 17:25

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