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I am studying the Spring MVC Showcase example downlodable from the STS dashboard.

Now I am trying to understand the Message Converters section.

In my view I have the following link:

                <a id="writeString" class="textLink" href="<c:url value="/messageconverters/string" />">Write a String</a>

This link generate an HTTP Request towards the URL: /messageconverters/string

This request is handled by the following method of my controller class:

@RequestMapping(value="/string", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public @ResponseBody String writeString() {
    return "Wrote a string";

This method simply return a String inside the body field of the HTTP Response...this is very simple

The problem is that I am not understanding why this example is inside the Message Converter section...

What connects this to the message converts topics?

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The main thing to note in the example is @ResponseBody method parameter annotation.

This annotation can be put on a method and indicates that the return type should be written straight to the HTTP response body (and not placed in a Model, or interpreted as a view name). Spring converts the returned object to a response body by using an HttpMessageConverter

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tnx, now it is clear –  AndreaNobili Jan 12 '13 at 13:48

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