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gtk-cffi is a Lisp binding of GTK+3. I'm trying to install it on Windows.

At first I tried Quicklisp but it didn't have it (there is gtk-cffi-utils, but it didn't help at all). I want to install it from scratch but I don't know what to do...

Is there anybody who can give me some advice?

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Looking at the page for gtk-cffi, I see that it depends on:

  • CFFI
  • Alexandria
  • Iterate
  • cl-cairo2

I believe these are all available through quicklisp, so I am going to assume that you can get all of them.

Looks like for gtk-cffi there are no official releases, and you have to pull it from CVS. So if you were to checkout the gtk-cffi repository to some directory, say "c:/gtk-cffi", it should be possible for you to start up lisp, make sure that ASDF can load quicklisp systems (including the above dependencies), do:

(push "c:/gtk-cffi/" asdf:*central-registry*) ;; change the pathname as needed, but be sure to end with "/"
(asdf:load-system "gtk-cffi")
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