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I want to create my custom theme in CakePHP. Where can I save my block in CakePHP directory structure that will contain all my menu links? And how can I fetch the file from View\Themed\MyTheme\Layouts\default.ctp?

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To access: View\Themed\MyTheme\Layouts\default.ctp, in (Cake 2.1+), you must tell cake which theme you want to use like so:

public $theme = 'MyTheme';
// or override in an action:
$this->theme = 'MyTheme';


$this->layout = 'default';

will refer to your View\Themed\MyTheme\Layouts\default.ctp.

If cake can't find the requested view file in MyTheme, it will fallback to app/View to find it.

In this way you can override views in your theme as needed.

So if you place your menu in View/Elements/menu.ctp, all of your themes will be able to access it. if you want to overwrite it for MyTheme, simply create an Elements/menu.ctp within MyTheme.

The process is slightly different with previous versions of cake if I recall.

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Either use Elements (if your navbar shows on every single view) or use View Blocks (if navbar only shows on some views).

In your default.ctp file you would just do..

echo $this->element('navbar');

Which would render Views/Elements/navbar.ctp onto Views/Layouts/default.ctp (if you are using the default layout).

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Just place it under /App/Views/Layouts. If you want to use it everywhere, call it default.ctp, it will automatically be used. Otherwise, give it a different name, and then in the controller do:

public function some_action() {
    $this->layout = 'mylayout';

This will display some_action using your layout instead of the default.

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Thanks for your reply. But actually i want to know, that i have a navigation div and i wan to make it dynamic and want to fetch using $this->fetch() like <?php echo $this->fetch('content'); ?>. if it is possible then how to separate the navigation div from the default.ctp file and if it is not possible then please give me a solution to do it. –  Sourav Jan 12 '13 at 13:18

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