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How do you convert LPCWSTR to const char *?

I have a function that gets a LPCWSTR string for win32 api usage. Now I have a function that sends data in ASCII to the IRC server. So now I need to convert it to ASCII, I haven't found any solutions, I only found ways to convert ASCII to UNICODE.

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WideCharToMultiByte converts from UNICODE to MBCS. If your original wide char string consisted only of characters which could be represented in ASCII, then this will result in a ASCII string. You can also use wcstombs which internally calls WideCharToMultiByte.

Either way, you will get a LPSTR or char * (which are the same).

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Thanks :), I used the WideCharToMultiByte function with the UTF8 flag and it works. –  TryTech Jan 12 '13 at 12:10

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