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Instead using the EventStream instead ArchivedEventStream, when I run command alert(notification) message go to all connected socket except the original sender, how I also can send to original sender.

Here is my model and controller, using WebSocket


public class EventModel {

// ~~~~~~~~~ Let's chat! 

final EventStream<EventModel.Event> events = new EventStream<EventModel.Event>(100);

 * Get the event

public EventStream<EventModel.Event> getEventStream() {
    return events;
 * A user say something on the room

public void _alert(Notification notification){
    if(notification == null) return;
    events.publish(new EventModel.NotificationEvent(notification));

// ~~~~~~~~~ Events

public static abstract class Event {

    final public String type;
    final public Long timestamp;
    public boolean sended;

    public Event(String type) {
        this.sended = false;
        this.type = type;
        this.timestamp = System.currentTimeMillis();


public static class NotificationEvent extends EventModel.Event{
    public final Notification notification;
    public NotificationEvent(Notification notification) {
        this.notification = notification;

    public User getReceiver(){
        return notification.receiver;

// EventModel factory

static EventModel instance = null;
public static EventModel get() {
    if(instance == null) {
        instance = new EventModel();
    return instance;

//Alert notification
public static void alert(Notification notification){


And here is controller

public class MyWebSocket extends RootController {

public static class WebSocket extends WebSocketController {

    public static void echo(Long userId) {
        User user = User.findById(userId);   

        EventModel eventCentre = EventModel.get();

        // Socket connected, join the chat room
        EventStream<EventModel.Event> eventStrean = eventCentre.getEventStream();

        // Loop while the socket is open
        while(inbound.isOpen()) {

            // Wait for an event (either something coming on the inbound socket channel, or ChatRoom messages)

            Either<WebSocketEvent,EventModel.Event> e = await(Promise.waitEither(

            //Handle if get any notification 
            for(EventModel.NotificationEvent event: ClassOf(EventModel.NotificationEvent.class).match(e._2)) {

                if(!event.getReceiver().equals(user)) continue;

            // Case: The socket has been closed
            for(WebSocketClose closed: SocketClosed.match(e._1)) {
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To send to the original sender as well remove or comment out this line:

if(!event.getReceiver().equals(user)) continue;
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one small issue to be aware of


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