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I have a program that currently works out probabilities for molecules at certain speeds and temperatures. They need to be printed into an output file as one of the variable increases by 5 each time.
For example:

        prob = ((4*pi)*pow(power,threeovertwo))*(exp((-mass*(pow(speed,two))/(2*k*tempK))));

        fprintf (fp,"Molecular Name:%s Molecular Mass:%lg\n Probability: %lg Temperature:%lg Speed:%lg\n",name,mass,prob,tempK,speed);

This works to an extent but the only problem being that Molecular Name: and Molecular Mass: is repeated between each line, giving an output file like this:

Molecular Name:Hydrogen Molecular Mass:2
 Probability: 0 Temperature:1158 Speed:50
Molecular Name:Hydrogen Molecular Mass:2
 Probability: 0 Temperature:1163 Speed:50
Molecular Name:Hydrogen Molecular Mass:2
 Probability: 0 Temperature:1168 Speed:50

Which is undesirable, does anyone know a way to stop this happening, maybe by inputting all the variables ('Temperature') etc.. into an array and then to print the array.

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Errr... rethink your loop?! Don't print stuff in a loop that's constant, and print it outside the loop instead? –  Kerrek SB Jan 12 '13 at 11:53

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Print molecular mass and name outside the loop:

 fprintf (fp,"Molecular Name:%s Molecular Mass:%lg\n",name,mass);

    prob = ((4*pi)*pow(power,threeovertwo))*(exp((-mass*(pow(speed,two))/(2*k*tempK))));

    fprintf (fp,"Probability: %lg Temperature:%lg Speed:%lg\n",prob,tempK,speed);
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