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I'd like to use FP-Growth association rule algorithm on my dataset (model) in Weka.

Unfortunately, this algorithm is greyed out. What are preconditions I have to meet in order to make use of it?

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Why people are downgrading? C'mon, at least leave a comment... – ŁukaszBachman Jan 12 '13 at 15:36
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Well, for those of you who have downgraded this question - thanks for zero contributions, nicely done.

The answer/solution:

  1. Each algorithm that Weka implements has some sort of a summary info associated with it. In order to see it from the GUI, one has to click on algorithm (or filter) options and then click once more on Capabilities button. Then a small popup will show up containing some info regarding particular algorithm.
  2. In case of FPGrowth - model attributes needs to be of binary type. In my case I had a mix od nominal and numeric parameters. I had to apply NominalToBinary filter which converted my nominal attributes to binary values. Then I had to apply flter NumericToBinary with selected option ignoreClass set to true.

This has helped me to "unlock" FPGrowth in Weka.

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Here's a slight longer explanation: "FP-Growth algorithm works for boolean values only. Hence, the attributes of the dataset can have only true or false values. If you are using different type of attributes (numeric, string etc.), it looks disabled." – guerda Jun 14 '15 at 9:02

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