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I was looking for a image compression tool for windows(Windows 7, more specifically), similar to ImageOptim (of mac). I've used few jpeg compressors tools in windows but they aren't giving the desired result. Yes, they compress the size but the quality of JPEGs are not good. some tools always print their water-marks on the image. this is not what I want.

The Tool should have these following features. 1. Free to use Licence. 2. Best Compression 3. Best quality 4. Multiple format compression, eg. JPG, GIF, PNG, etc. 5. Have windows context menu command to directly convert the image right from the explorer.

Waiting for your Replies. Thank You Guys.

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There's FileOptimizer


According to this article it performed the best and the article also lists more options to explore: http://www.netmagazine.com/features/best-image-compression-tools

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