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Why are there two different, yet extremely similar classes in Symfony to represent a browser Cookie?

Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Cookie and Symfony\Component\BrowserKit\Cookie

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First you need to understand what Symfony components are.

Symfony Components implement common features needed to develop websites. They are the foundation of the Symfony full-stack framework, but they can also be used standalone even if you don't use the framework as they don't have any mandatory dependencies.

They don't have any external dependencies, meaning that any dependency will be bundled with the component.

HttpFoundation\Cookie is a Cookie class used by the HttpFoundation component. And BrowserKit\Cookie is a class used by the BrowserKit component. They are small bundled dependencies of each of the components. You should use the component, not an individual class inside it.

The purpose of these two components are

  • BrowserKit Simulates the behavior of a web browser.
  • HttpFoundation Defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification.

Decide which components to use according to your scenario.

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