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Second time I've ran into this...

I have function foo() that has a helper function inside called formatStr() which is used in an array_map() call. When I call foo() more than once within a script I get a "Fatal error: Cannot redelcare formatStr()". Which leads me to believe formatStr() is not declared locally in the function but globally. Is this true? Can you get around this with function_exists()?


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You have a function defined within the foo() function? If so, move it out.

Otherwise, just wrap formatStr() within function_exists()...

if (!function_exists('formatStr'))
    function formatStr()
        // Your function code
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I know, but it seems wrong to muck up the global name space with a helper function. I guess I will have to wait to we upgrade to PHP5 so I can use anonymous functions. Thanks. – frio80 Sep 15 '09 at 20:28

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