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I am currently in the process of self-teaching myself Java through the very comprehensive and readable text by Horstmann and Cornell published by Sun (8th ed/Vol 1. ISBN: 978-0-12-235476-9) and through completing one of the Swing examples (Listing 9-8) I noticed an annoying action performed upon selecting "Toggle" menu items.

The example shows toggling between certain options using the JCheckBoxMenuItem and JRadioButtonMenuItem classes. I noticed that upon selection of one of those menu components, the entire tree traversed closes. Is there a way to stop this menu closing through either a settable property of the items, or a method called in the ActionListener provided?

Link to authors code dump: Here

Cheers for any response. Would be a nice tweak to chuck into UI implementation further down the line.

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  • not possible from Java6, for JPopup used for JMenu and JComboBox, popup is hidden from mouse a keyboar events

  • could be possible for custom popup for JMenu/JComboBox based on (undecorated) JDialog or JWindow, with JButtons (in your case with JCheckBox/JRadioButtons) layed by GridLayout

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So basically one way is to almost implement my own menu system where consecutive windows are born from that above it, and act like menu's should? Sounds like I got more than I bargained for here. Surely there would be a way to call a method which unfolds a tree to a certain menu entity. Not quite keeping it open, rather closing it, then reopening it in sub-millisecond time. – Daniel Park Jan 12 '13 at 23:48

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