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I'm building a template for an HTML email I'll being sending via .NET. I don't do this often and I know I have to stick to tables and inline CSS. I just sliced up some images and I have two that need to stack. I understand there are issues with this in terms of whitespace in the HTML code. As a result, I've tried it all on one line, e.g.

<td valign="top" style="width: 314px;"><img src="/i/header_logo.jpg" width="314" height="92" alt="Logo" /><br /><img src="/i/woman.jpg" width="314" height="617" alt="Woman" /></td>

I'm previewing this in my browser and the two images are separated by some space. I also have a global line of CSS resets at the top like:

<style type="text/css">

Does anyone know how to stack two images in a <td> and have them flush against each other?

Update: It turns out I had a doctype at the top like a normal web page and that caused the issue. It had nothing to do with my HTML/CSS combo.

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I figured out the problem. I didn't have a doctype defined and therefore the rendering mode was really messed up.

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alternatively try align="left" on your images. Works in some email clients.

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You could cheat, and embed another table within the column containing the pics.

    <tr><td align="left"><img1 ...></td></tr>
    <tr><td align="left"><img2 ...></td></tr>  

Is that what you mean by stacked and flush?

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