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What I'm looking for is really well explained in this thread I found. From it:

// This is my comment. But it has been edited 
// so now 
// some lines are long and others are 
// very short. 
// Personally, I find this exceedingly ugly and I really 
// can't tolerate it. However, having to manual fix this 
// sort 
// of thing is undesirable.

In the thread they say that emacs has this feature called M-q, where it would reformat comments while preserving the starting //.

Does Qt Creator have a similar feature? Or if not, is there a (free) standalone program that would allow me to copy and paste the comments in Qt Creator once I write them?

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Press Ctrl+E,R while the cursor is in the comment block. This adds and removes // as necessary.

It has a quirk though - if it is a single line comment, it will not add // for the new lines. The workaround is to add a // line below before pressing Ctrl+E,R.

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