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I have come through solutions to extract useful information from selected received emails in Gmail mailbox.

Aim in this example is to fetch all mails sent from a newsletter providing monthly prices for petroleum. You can freely subscribe to such a newsletter on EIA website. All such newsletter arrive in same folder in my gmail mailbox, and begin with "$".

Content for emails is like that

enter image description here

and my objective is to write a script that fetch the 10 last such emails (last 10 months) and plot petroleum prices for the different US regions with respect to time.

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Python email library will help.

import email, getpass, imaplib, os, re
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

This directory is where you will save attachments


Your script then asks user (or yourself) for account features

user = raw_input("Enter your GMail username --> ")
pwd = getpass.getpass("Enter your password --> ")

Connect then to the gmail imap server and login

m = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL("")
m.login(user, pwd)

Select one folder, you could use the whole INBOX instead"BUSINESS/PETROLEUM")    

One should use m.list() to get all the mailboxes. Search for all emails coming from specified sender and select the mail ids:

resp, items =, '(FROM "")')
items = items[0].split()  

my_msg = [] # store relevant msgs here in please
msg_cnt = 0
break_ = False

I want the last emails, so that I am using items[::-1]

for emailid in items[::-1]:

    resp, data = m.fetch(emailid, "(RFC822)")

    if ( break_ ):

    for response_part in data:

      if isinstance(response_part, tuple):
          msg = email.message_from_string(response_part[1])
          varSubject = msg['subject']
          varDate = msg['date']

I want only the ones beginning with $

          if varSubject[0] == '$':
              r, d = m.fetch(emailid, "(UID BODY[TEXT])")

              ymd = email.utils.parsedate(varDate)[0:3]
              my_msg.append([ email.message_from_string(d[0][1]) , ymd ])

              msg_cnt += 1

I want only the N=100 last messages

              if ( msg_cnt == 100 ):
                  break_ = True

l = len(my_msg)
US, EastCst, NewEng, CenAtl, LwrAtl, Midwst, GulfCst, RkyMt, WCst, CA = 
[0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l, [0]*l 
absc = [k for k in range(len(my_msg))]
dates = [str(msg[1][2])+'-'+str(msg[1][3])+'-'+str(msg[1][0]) for msg in my_msg]
cnt = -1

for msg in my_msg:

    data = str(msg[0]).split("\n")
    for c in [k.split("\r")[0] for k in data[2:-2]]: 

Use regular expressions to fetch relevant information

        m = re.match( r"(.+)(=3D\$)(.+)" , c )  
        if( m == None ):

        country, na, price = m.groups()

        if ( country == "US" or country == "USA" ) :
            US[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "NewEng" ) :
            EastCst[cnt] = float(price)    
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            NewEng[cnt] = float(price)  
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            CenAtl[cnt] = float(price) 
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            LwrAtl[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            Midwst[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            GulfCst[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            RkyMt[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            WCst[cnt] = float(price)
        elif( country == "EastCst" ) :
            CA[cnt] = float(price)

Plot all these curves with US prices

plt.plot( absc, US )

plt.plot( absc, EastCst )    
plt.plot( absc, NewEng, '#251BE0' )    
plt.plot( absc, EastCst, '#1BE0BF' )
plt.plot( absc, CenAtl, '#E0771B' )
plt.plot( absc, LwrAtl, '#CC1BE0' )
plt.plot( absc, Midwst, '#E01B8B' ) 
plt.plot( absc, GulfCst, '#E01B3F' )
plt.plot( absc, RkyMt )
plt.plot( absc, WCst )
plt.plot( absc, CA )

plt.legend( ('US', 'EastCst', 'NewEng' , 'EastCst', 'CenAtl', 'LwrAtl', 'Midwst', 'GulfCst', 'RkyMt', 'WCst', 'CA')  )
plt.title('Diesel price')
locs,labels = plt.xticks(absc, dates)

Some related interesting topics are here

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Results are here for three areas only

us prices

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