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$string = '[url=http://domain.com]My Webpage[/url][img]http://domain.com/image1.jpg[/img][center][img]http://domain.com/image2.gif[/img][/center][center][thumb]http://domain.com/image3.png[/thumb][/center]';
preg_match_all('/.*?\[img|thumb\](http.+?)\[\/.*+/', $string, $matches);

Trying to get array of images (image1.jpg, image2.gif, image3.png). Image may be between [img][\img] and [thumb][\thumb]. And i also need to check a full line [center][thumb]http://domain.com/image3.png[/thumb][/center] to change it with other image. Can someone help on it?

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You should not try to use regular expressions for parsing. Use a loop iterating from one strpos() result to the next. Will be faster and work solidly. –  Till Helge Jan 12 '13 at 14:49

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Following pattern extracts it all.



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