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In my flash & actionscript app, Bulk-Loader doesn't dispatch complete event. My load elements:

private var yukleyici:BulkLoader = new BulkLoader("yukleyicii");

yukleyici.add("mouse_simge.png", {id:"mouseSimge"});
yukleyici.add("para_ikon.png", {id:"paraikon"});
yukleyici.add("arkp_puan.png", {id:"arkpPuan"});
yukleyici.add("fav2.png", {id:"tecrube"});
yukleyici.add("muzik_arkaplan.mp3", {id:"muzik"});
yukleyici.add("logo.png", {id:"logoo"});
yukleyici.add(Facebook.getImageUrl(String(uidvar), "large"), {id:"profilfoto", type:BulkLoader.TYPE_IMAGE, context:context1});

yukleyici.addEventListener(BulkLoader.COMPLETE, completeHandler);

But this code doesn't fire up my completeHandler function.

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You should probably set an error handler too, to see what really happens, you're only hooking up the handler for successful loading.

yukleyici.addEventListener(BulkLoader.ERROR, onAllError);                                      
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