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Lets say I have a nested hash:

h = { 'one' =>
        {'two' =>
            {'three' => 'a'}

I can change it like this:

h['one']['two']['three'] = 'b'

How can I change the nested value with a variable as a key?

Let's say I have the following variable:

key = "one.two.three"

To access it dynamically, I use the following:


But of course setting it like this does not work:

key.split('.').inject(h,:[]) = 'b' # fails

So how can I set the value of a nested hash dynamically?

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Hash#[]= is a single method. You cannot do Hash#[] all the way to the last key and do = to it. Rather, leave out the last key and do Hash#[]= individually on it.

*key, last = key.split(".")
key.inject(h, :fetch)[last] = "b"
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I understand. Nice explanation. – Markus Jan 12 '13 at 15:40

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