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Does anyone know of an R package that solves the longest common substring problem? I am looking for something fast that could work on vectors.

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Check out the "Rlibstree" package on omegahat:

This uses

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Can you post example code of the result of comparing 'hello world' and 'hella old' ? Does it produces 'hell' or 'hell old'? – The Red Pea Oct 28 at 4:56

I don't know R, but I used to implement Hirschberg's algorithm which is fast and don't consume too much space.

As I remember it is only 2 or 3 recursively called short functions.

Here is a link:

So don't hesitate to implement it in R, it worths the effort since it is a very interesting algorithm.

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But Vereb, that is Longest-Common Subsequence algorithm right? Subsequence is different than Substring, right? As asked here: – The Red Pea Oct 28 at 5:11

You should look at the LCS function of qualV package. It is C-implemented, therefore quite efficient.

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