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I want to write a batch script which forwards a local port on my machine to the server, dataexchange. I have given the server my public key for authentication, and I want to connect using plink, PuTTY's command line SSH tool.

Here's what I want the script to do.

  1. Forward the local port 3309 to dataexchange:3306.

  2. Run a Java program on my local machine which queries the mysql database on dataexchange:3306.

  3. Closes the port.

I'm a novice at writing in batch, but here is what I think should work. I am not sure how to run the Java program in batch on my machine, and I am not sure how to close plink after it run.

plink -L 3309:dataexchange:3306 -l myUser -N &
java -jar myprog.java
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You have a few things backward in your example:

  • Your probably want the java program to connect to localhost:3306 which is then forwarded to the remote dataexchange:3306
  • The Port forwarding syntax is then: -L 3306:localhost:3306
  • You need a host to connect to in your plink command. In this case probably myuser@dataexchange
  • There is no & thing in windows, the start command should help you (Doc)
  • After the java program completes you can then use taskkill /im plink.exe to kill the plink tunnel. (But beware, that kills all plink processes currently running)
  • The java command is probably also wrong, you can't run .java files without compilation. (Did you write the program yourself? Then compile it first with javac)
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