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I need a create a android application which is for recording voice while showing the voice(sound) level visualization.

I already created a audio recording application but I can not add to it sound level visualization. How can I do it?

please someone help me a giving suggestion or a sample tutorials link or code.

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If you're using the MediaRecorder class and visualization based on peak amplitude is ok you can use the getMaxAmplitude() method to continuously poll for the "maximum absolute amplitude that was sampled since the last call".
Scale that amplitude down into an index that determines how many of your app's graphical volume bars to light up and you're set.

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Is there any sample code ? –  user1972690 Jan 13 '13 at 4:31
I don't have any sample code for that. But most of it would seem like straightforward Android UI coding. Start a Handler that you run periodically, call the getMaxAmplitude method for your MediaRecorder to get the current peak level, update the View that contains your volume bars based on the new peak level, and finally do a postInvalidate to request that the modified View is redrawn. –  Michael Jan 13 '13 at 8:51
@Michael This seems to make a lot of sense, I'm just not sure what audioSession id to use for initializing the Visualizer. –  Josh Bjelovuk May 21 at 15:20
@JoshBjelovuk: The implementation I suggested here does not use the Visualizer class. My suggestion was to use the MediaRecorder's getMaxAmplitude method. –  Michael May 21 at 15:26

Check this link: http://code.google.com/p/android-labs/source/browse/trunk/NoiseAlert/src/com/google/android/noisealert/SoundMeter.java

It records the audio to /dev/null, and checks the volume. But you can change thee filename to keep the recorded sound.

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