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I am running GNS3 ( with VirtualBox 4.2.6 guest running Ubuntu 12.10 and I realized a problem with ICMPv6 packets.

My PMTUD application is not receiving "packet too big" messages from the virtual Cisco c3660 router. I have 2 host-only adapters in VirtualBox and my tiny virtual network is working fine with IPv4 PMTUD. But when i tried to implement IPv6 PMTUD, I realized the above. I am not filtering any ICMPv6 packets and the router has only basic configuration, ip, ipv6 address, no shut and set mtu.

Is it a bug in my program, GNS3/VirtualBox/Ubuntu or is the router configuration wrong (i have not set any filter)? I would appreciate if someone could check if he is getting ICMPv6 "packet too big" messages on similar configuration so we could sort out a bug in GNS3/VirtualBox/Ubuntu.

Thank you for any help.

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