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I'm looking to develop a package in PHP, but I don't want it immediately available on Github or somewhere. It's easy enough to include a Packagist file in my composer.json, but how do I add a local package into my composer.json? Also, should I be building the package in /vendor/foo/bar (relative to the root composer.json), or should I put it somewhere else?

Edit: I guess my question is about how everyone else writes their packages. Does every new package get added to Packagist, and then when you want to test your changes, you commit to Github (or wherever), and then pull that back down via Composer? That seems really inefficient.

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Maybe adding a custom repository will help you?


You can set up a local git repository with your library very easily.

Of course if you use composer to manage dependencies you should build your library someplace else and download it to vendor/ via composer coz this is the whole point i guess.

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