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I've been building my site using the Reverie theme for Wordpress with Foundation 3.2 installed over the included version of Foundation and it's been working great on Safari / Chrome on my Macbook (and iphone), but when I try it on a Windows machine padding becomes an issue from the body tag.

Specifically, the php body_class('hide-extras'); is what's causing the issue. It creates an element style on the body tag of padding-top:45px; and it creates a break between the top-bar nav and my full width header. trying to hard code a !padding-top:0px; yields no result.

If I get rid of it, it creates a problems on every page, and I can't find any documentation on Reverie's / Foundation's body classes.

see: zephyrusdigital.com

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That is caused by the foundation.topbar.js

On line 45 :

*Fixed padding-top on body* 
if (this.settings.$topbar.parent().hasClass('fixed')) {
   $('body').css('padding-top', this.outerHeight(this.settings.$topbar));

You can remove it if you want or work around it.

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thanks!!!!!!!!! –  zazzyzeph May 28 '13 at 22:05

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