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Is there any way to pass a function or a mixin by reference to another function or mixin in SASS, and then call the referenced function or mixin?

For example:

@function foo($value) {
    @return $value;

@mixin bob($fn: null) {
    a {
        b: $fn(c); // is there a way to call a referenced function here?

@include bob(foo); // is there any way I can pass the function "foo" here?
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There have been quite a few times where I wish that was possible, but it isn't. The closest you can get is with the @content directive (Sass 3.2+).

@mixin bob {
    a {

@include bob {
    b: foo(c); // this replaces `@content` in the bob mixin

The only caveat is that the @content can't see what's inside your mixin. In other words, if c was only defined inside the bob mixin, it essentially wouldn't exist because it isn't considered in scope.

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