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The profile under user/n will only show the profile picture and the username.

I´m using an Omega subtheme. I´ve copied and pasted the default user-profile.tpl.php file, deleted everything and added these two lines, hoping that one of them would work:

print drupal_render(field_view_field('profile2', $profile['main'], 'field_nombrecompleto1'));
print $field_profile_nombre_completo['value'];

The second line refers to the original core profile field, and the first one refers to the imported field (I´ve imported using the migrate module in D6, before I´ve upgraded to D7).

None of the fields gets printed out. I´ve added this at the top of the template:

print "<pre>";  
$vars = get_defined_vars();
print "</pre>";

And nothing happend. So I´ve added that code to the top of my page.tpl file, and it appeared the whole list of variables. At the very top it prints:

[template_file] => sites/all/themes/liga/templates/page.tpl.php

And at some points it actually recognizes the (core profile) field:

    [content] => Array
                                    [content] => Array
                                            [system_main] => Array
                                                    [field_profile_nombre_completo] => Array
                                                            [#theme] => field
                                                            [#weight] => 0
                                                            [#title] => Apellido y Nombres
                                                            [#access] => 1
                                                            [#label_display] => hidden
                                                            [#view_mode] => full
                                                            [#language] => und
                                                            [#field_name] => field_profile_nombre_completo
                                                            [#field_type] => text

I´ve then deleted everything at my user-profile template and printed just XXXXXX and it didn´t printed out. It stills print the profile image and the username.

Now I have two issues here: How to customize the profile template (user-profile.tpl.php) because it´s not recognizing the file inside my theme folder, and how to print profile2 fields information inside the user profile.

Hope anyone can give me some insight or clue. THANKS!!!


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I think by default the profile2 fields are rendered on a separate tabbed page on the user profile page. You should be able to get the users profile fields with the function profile2_by_uid_load($uid, $type_name)

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