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graphapi_web_1_8_1.swc has a Facebook.init() function that takes pretty much the same arguments as the FB.init() JavaScript version. However, what I'm interested in setting is Facebook's hideFlashCallback parameter, via the "options" argument passed into both Facebook.init() and FB.init(). The JavaScript SDK takes a value of type "Object" as shown here:

However, if I'm already calling graphapi_web_1_8_1.swc's Facebook.init() from ActionScript, how can I pass in a JavaScript function as the hideFlashCallback?

I tried using to call a "GetHideFlashCallback()" JS function whose return value was the callback function as an object, but it comes back as null in ActionScript, even when the ActionScript variable was typed as "Object" or "*".

My next test is to avoid calling graphapi_web_1_8_1.swc's Facebook.init() and just do something like"FB_init_proxy(args)") which would just use Facebook's JavaScript SDK directly.

But is there a way to pass JavaScript functions back and forth with ActionScript as Object variables? If not, why? Is it a security concern?

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Did you ever get this functionality working? I am struggling with a similar scenario myself. – Rich Searle Dec 10 '13 at 14:31

You can see the reason of your problem here:

so in the javascript init of facebook you have to add the hideFlashCallback:

    frictionlessRequests: true,
    hideFlashCallback : displayFlash

and in displayFlash function you can do what you want

function displayFlash( a )
    if( a.state == 'opened' )
        // do what you want when a chat or notification is open
        // do what you want when a chat or notification is closed
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