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I'm using a simple out-of-the-box Django/Haystack/Whoosh setup only for autocomplete purposes and everything works fine except for trying to search for an email address. If I type in joe, I will get all the objects whose names/email addresses start with joe, but if I type in joe@, I don't get only the objects with joe@ email addresses. It's as if the @ symbol is being ignored, whether I escape it or not. I cannot find anything in Haystack help or anywhere on the web. How do I get Haystack (or is it Whoosh?) to recognize the @ symbol?

class ContactIndex(indexes.SearchIndex):
    text = indexes.EdgeNgramField(document=True, use_template=True)
    full_name = indexes.CharField(model_attr='full_name', null=True)
    email = indexes.CharField(model_attr='email', null=True)
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You need to look inside QueryParser in whoosh/qparser/default.py

haystack don't parse query string by itself whoosh_backend.py#L370

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