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Is there anyway to bind an click listener on a child of an element, while still pointing the $(this) context to a fixed parent of that child? For example so lets just say I had a page -


<p><div data-important="idthatisneeded1" class="fixedClass">
<div id="dynamicallygeneratedfirstchild">
<div id="dynamicallygeneratedsecondchild">
<a class="clickabblelinkfromtheparent" href="#">Link1</a>
<p><div data-important="idthatisneeded2" class="fixedClass">
<div id="dynamicallygeneratedfirstchild">
<a class="clickabblelinkfromtheparent" href="#">Link2</a>

I want to grab the values of data-important from .fixedClass whenever .clickabblelinkfromtheparent is clicked, without using .parent().parent() or .parent() since they're both unreliable -


$(".fixedClass .clickabblelinkfromtheparent").on("click",function(){alert($(this).parent().parent().data("important"));return false;});


I've also tried:

$(".fixedClass .clickabblelinkfromtheparent").on("click",function(){alert($(this).context(".fixedClass").data("important"));return false;});


$(".clickabblelinkfromtheparent", ".fixedClass").on("click",function(){alert($(this).data("important"));return false;});

http://jsfiddle.net/Q8a67/ and

$(".clickabblelinkfromtheparent", ".fixedClass").on("click",function(){alert($(this).context);return false;});


None of which seems to work.. So how exactly is this achievable with jQuery?

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are you trying something like this? jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/zKp3P/

  $('.clickabblelinkfromtheparent').on('click', function(){
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Thanks! That's a much more simple approach to this problem! –  extramaster Jan 12 '13 at 19:42
$('.clickabblelinkfromtheparent').on('click', function(){
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To retrieve the first data-important attribute value of an ancestor in the DOM tree, you can tree something based on this snippet :

function searchDataInParentAxe($child, key) {
  var parent = $child.parent();
  return parent.data(key) || searchDataInParentAxe(parent, key);

$(".clickabblelinkfromtheparent").on("click", function () {
  alert(searchDataInParentAxe($(this), 'important'));
  return false;


Note that with this method you don't need the fixedClass anymore.

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