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I've got to add some php functions to a theme so they can be used from different pages. The docs say one place to add custom php functions is in function.php


My question is, what happens when I update a theme? Will the functions.php containing my changes be overwritten by a new one - thereby wiping out all my hard work?

My gut says yes but before I go and create a child theme I figured I'd ask to be sure.



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I'm not sure if all the files are overwritten when the theme is updated, or only the changed files, but your changes will definitely be lost at some point in the future.

From Using the Theme Editor and Plugin Editor:

Be aware that if the theme you edit is updated, your changes will be overwritten. To better organize your changes and protect them from updates, consider creating a Child Theme in which to keep all your changes.

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All files are replaced: the theme is downloaded as a zip package, a folder is created inside wp-content/upgrade, the original removed and the new one moved into place. If the theme eventually created folders in /wp-content/whatever, these are kept untouched. – brasofilo Jan 13 '13 at 15:56

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