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I want people who visit my site for the first time to fill in a survey. I've got the code to show a popup which asks the user whether he wants to fill the survey, but I still don't have the code to recognize unique users. I searched more than 2 hours for it but I couldn't find it.

This are my requirements:

  • I'm using, so I can't use php or asp, so I have to use javascript
  • I'd like to use evercookie, so visitors can't delete my cookie by accident

That latter isn't really necessary, but it would be handy because they can't be deleted.

Also I would like to relate to get the entire code and no examples. You can use as the URL from the website where i stored my survey.

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Doing this really goes against the EU's policy about cookies:

However, I do recommend using localStorage with cookie fallback using jstorage, you can get the code here:

Demo: | Source:

Using evercookie will require additional browser plugins and even server side scripts.

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